Monday, December 29, 2014

Goodbye 2014

Well it is hard to believe another year is almost over and done with! It has gone quickly and I'm not sure where my little baby went! She is almost walking now and has a new found love of climbing!  My little boy will soon be 10! A decade! Not sure where the time went there either! He certainly makes our lives interesting and we love him a million. As for my oldest, I'm sure 2015 will bring new teenage attitude! She's been pretty good so far but I'm sure it will come!  With the new year on the horizon, I have thought about New Years resolutions.... I had one last year which was to scrap more. One layout a week was my goal (seemed doable) but it never happened. I was going to give it another crack but if I couldn't do it whilst on maternity leave with a little baby who only ate, slept & pooed then I will never do it while being at work and on my days off chasing a monkey off my furniture! Not to mention protecting my precious scrapbooking supplies from her! However, I did manage to keep up with my 2014 project life. I have a bit of catch up to do but nearly done. Still deciding whether to go again next year. I should seeing as I have quite a large and still growing collection of project life supplies....                               I did find a rabbit foot on the weekend and I'm taking it with me to buy a lotto ticket so hopefully my lucky foot will win me a nice 30 mil and then I should have all the time in the world for scrapping. Or I could pay someone to do it for me perhaps! I guess a safe bet for my resolution would be simply to do more of what makes me happy. Whether it be scrapbooking, camping, fishing or spending time with my family and friends. Happy new year everyone! See you in 2015! 

My week one of this years project life

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ok it's been a while so don't fall off your chairs.... but I'm back with my new and improved blog! I WILL keep it up this time! First up I thought I would share some of the layouts I have done this year. Sorry the photos aren't fantastic but you get the idea :) Number 1 I did at a Escape to create retreat this year. The photo is by Tiff Firth Photograpy. I am lucky to have such a talented friend to take awesome photos for me to scrap! My daughter loves reading and writing stories. The quote reads "Writers aren't exactly people, They're a whole bunch of people trying to be one person". Number 2 I did at another retreat this year called which we named 'wild women's Wudinna weekend' or 'WWWW' for short. A much smaller one but still equally as fun! I seem to get most of my scrapping done at retreats. I used mostly scraps on this page. I cant remember if I scrap-lifted this or if I just used a sketch. Number 3 Took me a while to get this one done! I started it at WWWW but only recently finished it. I love going to the beach with my family and capturing all the fun we have. I was standing in the water taking pics with my iphone when my son nearly collected me on the surfboard! I think he deliberately lined me up too! He thought it was hilarious! I love this range of simple stories paper! Number 4 This was another layout I did at wwww. Fishing is another one of my favourite past times. Number 5 A super pink page of my gorgeous little princess. The title just sums her up really. The photo was also taken by Tiff Firth. My silhouette cameo got a work out while doing this page. Was the first time I have cut glitter paper with it and I love how it turned out. Number 6 'Cuteness' I did at a 12 hour scrap day up in Lock at The Shabby Chic Shack. Sometimes I feel guilty for travelling so far for scrapbooking but my partner drives that far for surfing so I guess we are even! Mostly used Heidi Swapps Favourite Things range for this page. Did a bit of misting and splattering too. Finally last but not least Number 7 Another page done a Lock. The pic was taken on mothers day this year. Loved the background patterned paper on this page. I got it in a kit ages ago and thought it was about time I used it. I'd been SAVING it for something special. You know the story... Anyway hope you enjoy my pages and hopefully it wont be forever until I blog again! P:S Sorry all the writing is in one big jumble! I tried to fix it but couldn't figure it out and if I spent any longer working it out I would never get around to posting this! xxx