Sunday, January 18, 2015

My december daily (kind of)

Yay! Finally finished my December daily! I didn't do mine the conventional day by day style. It's more of december all over the place! Above is my cover, which I can not take any credit for whatsoever because it was a flat out scrap lift from the very talented Amanda Hall. 
You will have to excuse my dodgy iPhone pics but I have blogger on my phone and I think this way I will actually keep up with my blog! I took pics of the whole thing but will just share a few or it will be the longest blog post ever! Hope you enjoy a little look at our december! Thanks for stopping by 😃
Page 1 & 2. Our 2014 xmas card and a pic from my work family day
Pic from cummins xmas wonderland by Tiff Firth
Charlotte and Gavin's Santa handprints 
Some pics of our decorations 
Shots from camping 
Some of my many elf on a shelf pics. He is a pretty busy guy that elf!
Charlotte's holiday highlights 
Cute little foot tree!
Xmas morning 
Memories of the joint baby group party
A happy boy with his lego!
More elf adventures 
Last day of 2014 at the farm

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  1. I love it. Since I've been lucky enough to see it irl, I know just how good it is