Saturday, February 6, 2016

My 2016 project life

Just sharing what I have done in my project life so far. The year is already going by so quick! I'm trying to keep things simple this year. Last year I did a memory planner for my project life instead of a full on albumn but this year I've gone back to the real deal. I must share that memory planner on here soon too! Anyhow first up is my title page. I love the freebie cards that were shared on the project life Australia group (bit addicted to that group...) I still need to do something about that 365 days card seeing as it's a leap year & all. Sorry my pics are not the best! The pink strip of paper is just there to cover my street address
Next up is week one. I put the extra days at the start of the year into my week one
Week two
Week three
Week four
Well that's all for now. I have used the confetti core kit for the month of January. Sorry again for the dodge photos. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have mastered taking pics of my pl spreads. Amy :) 


  1. yay. you blogged. The beach is such a strong part of your family life. I'm so envious you have it all so close

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