Saturday, February 6, 2016

My (small) scrap space

Welcome to my small yet functional scrap space. I used to have a whole room (it was the best) then for some unknown reason I decided to pop out another kid. So that was the death of my sanctuary! Now I have a tiny desk in my bedroom to scrap on. This usually results in scrap supplies ending up here there & everywhere!! I'm a very messy scrapper, even if I'm only making a birthday card at the last minute I still pull out thousands of supplies! My walk in robe has become my main storage space and luckily for my scrap stashes sake I don't hang a lot of clothes in there. I couldn't live without that cube bookcase and I'm stoked that it fit in there. I keep a lot of my supplies in tubs or folders for when I go on retreats or out to the local scrap shop for Thursday night scrapping. I love my raskog, it's a handy little thing! The little wooden drawer thing is the latest addition to my space. It's great for holding the 6x4 project life cards (which I have been hoarding lately) Hoping to keep up with my project life this year (so far so good) and get some proper scrapping done aswell. Thanks for visiting and I will share some actual scrapbooking soon :) Amy 


  1. you changed one bedroom for another one now ;)

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